CCAA Committees

These committees bring cohesiveness to the working part of the art gallery. If you would like to volunteer your time on one of these committees, please contact the Chairperson of that committee.

Exhibition Committee

Chair: Vicki Reid

Responsibilities: include, but are not limited to, the initial planning all art shows to exhibit the art of its members and artists in the Central Valley. It creates the schedule and calendar of events for the year and does the work required to obtain the artists or organizations to put on the various shows. Show hosts are then chosen to host and facilitate individual shows. A jury for artists showing in members shows is provided by this committee.

Membership Committee

Chair:  Tony Pooler

Responsibilities: to promote recruiting and retention of members; to keep accurate records of membership; to decide issues of dues and member benefits in concert with the board; to develop the yearly membership directory for distribution to members; with the assistance of other committees, organize and host quarterly membership meetings. This committee also welcomes members and helps them to fit into the artistic community of CCAA according to their interests.

Art Education Committee

Chair: Linda Knoll

Responsibilities: to provide opportunities and programs for visual art education for youth and adults in our community. This committee supports our regional mission and non-profit status by extending opportunities for youth classes through grants, donations and scholarships. It selects teachers for classes, provides a schedule of classes, workshops, lectures, presentations responsive to the interests of our community.  It also provides teachers and training for the CLASS program, an outreach program to promote and provide art classes in Stanislaus County Schools.

Fundraising and Marketing Committee

Chair: David Schroeder

This committee has two main responsibilities:

1.   To create and maintain a sustainable revenue stream through multiple sources (member dues, donations, grants, public funds, events and programs, and other means) to support continued operations and anticipated future financial needs. Track funding sources and acknowledge and thank donors as appropriate.

2.   To develop programs that promote the gallery, its artists, programs and events, with the objective of protecting and improving the gallery’s image, and growing sales and traffic. Work closely with committee chairs to ensure timely coordination.

 Docent/Volunteer  Committee

Chair:  Dixie Zambruno

Responsibilities: To recruit, select, train and schedule docents for the Mistlin Gallery. This committee oversees the docents and conducts regular training sessions, providing a manual for reference. Docents are responsible for the daily operations of the gallery. Volunteers for art walk and special events are also managed by this committee.

Gift Shop Committee

Co-Chairs:  Suzanne McCaslin, Debbi Fountain

Responsibilities: to operate and manage the gift shop section of the Gallery and to keep accurate records of participating artists and sales generated for revenue. This committee supports our local artisans and encourages the community to purchase locally crafted work. All committees need help, so please consider signing up!

Communications Committee

Chair:  Linda Knoll

Responsibilities: Coordinate CCAA publicity through press releases, website content, e-blasts to membership, community outreach and Facebook postings.  This committee is also responsible for producing a quarterly newsletter called the Paint Rag.

Strategic Planning

Chair: David Schroeder

Responsibilities:  ad-hoc committee is composed of board members and general membership. It works together to develop the long and short range business plan for the successful operation and development of the gallery.

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