#MeToo painting by Vicki Reid


#MeToo, 20″ x 30″ acrylic painting, framed, by Vicki Reid. Local pick up or delivery available. Please contact us for information on shipping outside the Stanislaus County area. Specialized shipping rates apply.

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Vicki’s description: My latest creation “MeToo” is to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the 19th Amendment (women’s right to vote), coming up in August 2020.  Suffragists names in the sidewalk serve as the “foundation” for the subsequent civil rights events listed in the bricks upon which sits a modern woman exercising her right to vote. She sits with legs and arms spread in contrast to the way women have been trained to not take up much space and “sit like a lady”. Her t-shirt indicates her support of the #metoo movement. She also wears the “pussy hat” that was worn by thousands of women at the January 2017 women’s march in Washington D.C., which symbolizes the rejection of men’s treatment of women and the comment made by our current president about grabbing women by their pussies! The protesters in the background stand for equal rights and respect for women! The message on their signs are taken from the actual demonstrators signs at that march. The black cat represents outspoken women who did not fit the acceptable mold of a woman in their time and were often labeled witches, tortured and killed to silence them and to confiscate their wealth.  A black cat, that was considered a companion of a witch, gives the message to persist (purrrsist). The blood moon is a symbol of the feminine and her life giving powers through her menstrual cycles which mirror the phases of the moon.


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