Being a member at Central California Art Association is a commitment to Stanislaus County’s art community. Artists, supporters and educators are encouraged to join to show support for the arts in Stanislaus County.  We strive to support artists and those who enjoy the arts, as well as students of any age who are interested in learning about the arts. We host several special events during the year, as well as member-only gatherings and receptions. Thank you for contributing to your community!

Members and Artists: Student – $30,   Individual – $60,   Family – $75

MEMBERSHIPS ARE CURRENTLY BEING PRO-RATED TO A 6-MONTH TERM. The new membership year begins July 1, 2022.

We appreciate non-artist and artist members alike. Your membership will enroll you in our Paint Rag newsletter subscription. You’ll receive periodic email news updates with information about events, deadlines for show entry, and other gallery news.

Being a member artist means that you can participate in member exhibitions including the annual juried Autumn Art Festival, and you receive a reduced entry fee in member and open exhibitions. Members are invited to quarterly meetings and other “members only” events.  Artists are able to include small art pieces and jewelry in our Gift Shop (extra annual fee), and members who volunteer regularly receive lower commission rates on sales.*

Member artists are encouraged to submit pieces to our ongoing “Meet the Artist” web page. Up to 6 pieces can be added along with your artist profile and a link to your own website.

*Sales commissions are 40% gallery/60% artist, but after at least 6 volunteer hours per month commissions are 25% gallery/75% artist.

Membership Year: July 1 through June 30.

Central California Art Association is a non-profit IRS 501c(3) tax exempt organization  Tax ID #941751736  Donations are tax deductible as the law allows.

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