Science and art are two aspects of life that have always fascinated me. I am a biologist by training and avocation, and find the beauty of the natural world is just awe-inspiring. After retiring from teaching biology, I am finally able to devote some time to creating art. To my own surprise, my art is not so much about reproducing reality, but about recreating an emotional response to places and things. Hopefully, the viewer will look at my art and get a feeling that “This is strangely familiar”, or have a “Wait, what?” moment.  

Often the subjects and titles refer to phrases and clichés, or are puns. In my art, you will find images of brains, plants, rocks, children, outer space, and imaginary landscapes or waterscapes. There are also some completely non-objective works. 

You can see more of my art on Facebook: TLCs Art and Writings, on Squarespace: and Instagram: @TLCsArt

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