“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” 
– John Muir

Artist Statement:  I absolutely love oil painting and photography. Fortunately,  they are closely related.  My better photographs provide the incentive for me to paint something hopefully even more beautiful.  The beauty in nature, and particularly in sunsets, and mountains, oceans, streams, trees, flowers, animals and people, is Everywhere!  So, I have no shortage of reference material when it’s time for another painting!  In addition to my artwork, I love to work with wood – on larger home projects and in creating unique frames for paintings. 

“If you need inspiration for a painting, just take a walk, take your time and take a look around!”

– Sam Cook

Artist Biography:  I have always enjoyed drawing, but it wasn’t until I finished college that I first began drawing with pen and ink to create frameable art.  Those were my early years in the Army when I could find time to work on my art.  I have had little formal training except for a couple of art history classes in college, and a few recent painting classes here in California.  I have read many “How To…”  books and I watch a LOT of YouTube tutorials.   I do have a web site (SamCooksArt.com) that includes many of my works although the image quality is not great on some older paintings since those digital images were scanned from older snapshots.  Nevertheless, the images will give the viewer an idea of my interests and a sense of the quality of my work.  

My wife Karen is an excellent watercolor painter, which helps greatly as she  critiques my work.  And when we’re on vacation, both of us like to collect reference material along the way and visit every art gallery we can.  

Thanks for your interest!

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