Dennis Wister

Dennis Wister Expression Photography

Let me share some information about myself and my back ground. I’ve  been interested in photography for many years. In fact, about 40 yrs ago I wanted to start aphotography business, but was unable to do so. Now that almost all photography is digital the investment costs are considerably less. So, about 15 yrs years ago I was able to start  my own photography business. 

My formal education is in Criminology/Law Enforcement not photography. I have acquired my photography skills by attending seminars, reading books and a lot of trial and error, so I guess one would say that I am self taught. Other than my family, photography is my passion.

At the present time, I prefer photographing landscapes, flowers, insects and macro and on occasion youth sporting events.  My favorite type of photography is “Landscape”. 

My website is also Face book: Photography by Dennis Wister . I can be reached either at 209-238-3667 or

Pricing Range – Prints on Paper Only

Square: 4″x4″ $25.00, 15″x15″ $45

Irregular Shapes (Custom Print) $45 – $100

Panoramas: 6″x12″ $40, 20×40″ $85

Standard Sizes: 8″x10″ $30, 16″x20″ $50

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