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Wishing to be addressed as “Chella”, a graduate of  Salamonie High School, Warren, Indiana with a class of 24, a transplant to Stanislaus County, Modesto, California in the 50’s, she finds herself to be known as “en plein aire” professional artist today. A secondary high school art educator, private art instructor for all ages, was her first profession. 

As Chella searches for painting subjects, she sees the evidence of urban  growth destroying the gifts of nature and the unique farming practices of the past in this Central Valley. Chella believes that her deep concern for this invasion of the innocence is revealed in the small ‘plein aire’ studies.  These outdoors’ on the spot’ paintings all have influenced by sounds, sights, and smells of nature.  She strives to immortalize the ranches, silos, tank houses and other farming structures that have since disappeared. She’s a historian in a visual sense. One of her largest artworks (6ft x8ft)  illustrates her love of  this valley, as it was in the early 1800’s when swamps, marshes, trees, reeds, and rivers occupied it, is now on view at the Beckwith Animal Hospital off Hwy 99, near Vintage Mall.

Besides ‘en plein aire’ works she is known to exhibit non-representational abstract style creations, along with mixed media, charcoal, drawing, and printmaking techniques.

All great artists have certain perceptions on concept about art. Chella’s views are summarized by these quotes: 

“You use a mirror to see your face, you use works of art to see your soul”
by George Bernard Shaw.

“To look is one thing. To see is a third. To learn from what you understand is still something else. To act on what you learn is all that matters.”
A Taoist

Her own thoughts of art include:

 “Art is being human, being an artist is to record your own time, thoughts and place” 

“Art is to look, to perceive, to interrupt, to create with your soul.”

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