classlogo2CLASS brings teaching artists into elementary school classrooms to teach visual art lessons that integrate art history, artistic techniques and creativity with science, language arts, social studies and more.

We are currently scheduling classes online using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or similar platforms to present classes virtually. We can work with you to present meaningful art sessions using easily accessible materials. Contact us for more information!

Lessons are designed to promote learning in multiples areas, with the goal of showing that art is essential to every child’s education. Click here to see a gallery of student art from our CLASS courses. Meet our team of teaching artists here!

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One-hour, hands-on sessions start at $50. For more information and a complete list of class offerings, email

Whether it’s an unusual medium, technique, perspective or wealth of background knowledge, our professional teaching artists are skilled at presenting visual arts learning in a positive and meaningful way. During CLASS courses, students will see and discuss well-known artists and works of art, as well as contemporary artists, and those from our own community. Teaching artists can share a unique perspective on what it means to make art for a variety of purposes, whether its for a career or personal enrichment.

CLASS artists will challenge students to look at art as a part of every day life, analyzing and synthesizing visual information in our immediate environment – things like nature, clothing design, and architecture, just to name a few. The lessons learned while discussing and making art can translate into a lifetime of seeing the world through a lens of close observation, critical analysis and creativity.

  1. Our classes will make connections to core subjects including Common Core English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, History and Math. Use our art classes to introduce topics, jumpstart writing, or reinforce learning. Advocates note that reading a text is much the same as “reading” a painting: viewers analyze the structure, theme, symbolism, historical context.
  2. Art activities help students to think creatively, solve problems, and express themselves in unique ways.
  3. Students who participate in the arts have been shown to do better in school overall. According to a study by the NEA, “Eighth graders who had high levels of arts engagement from kindergarten through elementary school showed higher test scores in science and writing than did students who had lower levels of arts engagement over the same period.”

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