Until we can see you back in the classroom, please enjoy these resources curated by Betty Gay, CLASS teaching artist. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule CLASS art courses for the fall!

Super Make It
This site features many simple crafts to make using items easily found around the home. Projects ideal for K-3 grades with parent supervision.
5 Art Assignments to Keep You Busy at Home (NPR)
Simple, non-directed art ideas from various artists using materials found at home. Projects ideal for 4-6 grades with parent supervision.
Diane Bleck on Instagram
This artist offers kid friendly directed illustration on her instagram account. There are also paid courses on her website (The Doodle Institute) and one that is offered for free at this time.Projects ideal for K-3 grades.
Lots of Little People 
You can get a free sample of how to make better stick figure drawings when you sign up for this artists’ email list.Projects ideal for 2-6 grades.
Daily Creative Prompts by Stacie Bloomfield
Sign up for the artists’ email list and receive daily creative prompts. Suitable for 5-12 grades.
Census Coloring Book
Available in English and Spanish, these are free printable coloring books with a focus on learning about your family. Projects ideal for K-3 Grades.
4 Free Coloring Pages from Boelter Design Co.
 Simple landscape coloring pages available for free to print out and color at home. Ideal for all ages. 
Broad Sides Coloring Pages
Former CLASS teacher Chelsea America has created these free printable coloring pages. 
Draw with a Park Ranger
Yosemite National Park’s Instagram features the occasional chance to park draw animals with a park ranger.

Other useful resources:

Google Arts and Culture App
It is a free and fun way to explore art movements and artists. 
Stanislaus County Library Ebooks 
There are many how-to art books available through the library’s ebook app including origami books, and directed drawing art books.

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