March 27 – April 27

Spring Awakening Member Show plus Rhythm of the Arts featuring Cheryl Barnett

Spring Awakening, this month’s member show is exhibited in gallery B. There is no theme to this show so any subject and all art forms and media are showing.

Cheryl Barnett and her turquoise sculpture, Jazz.

Running concurrently with Spring Awakening is a closed show, music themed  “Rhythm of the Arts,” being put on by CHAA (Contemporary Humanitarian Artists Assn) from Merced and hosted by Cheryl Barnett, from Merced College (retired). This is the first time CCAA has hosted this group of artists.

CHAA’s goal is to bring greater awareness and appreciation of the importance of the visual arts to our existence, to our community and society as a whole.  Creativity, contemplation, and exploration are key to the human spirit and we celebrate and encourage that humanitarian endeavor.

Many of the CHAA members are art educators and actively involved in supporting the local arts scene. The group meets once a month to discuss & critique works in progress, share personal goals and plan thematic art exhibitions together. Members include artists: Iris Asai, Frank Ayala, Cheryl Barnett, Gail Benedict, Janine Echabarne, Lisa Gilliland-Viney, Richard Gomez, Kate Jackson, Paul Longo, Charles Perez, Carolyn Reed, Ruben Sanchez, Sue Thompson, Oscar Torres, and Kimberly Zamora.

Barnett, a member since 2009 stated, “Humankind is one of the few species that contemplates creativity, beauty, and the various aspects of life and our society.  CHAA is committed to supporting the endeavors of its’ members to keep exploring the many themes that define art.”

May 1 – June 1

En Plein Aire and Tridimensionnel Open Exposition

The Valley Suncatchers are hosting this exhibition of plein air paintings, along with unique, funky 3 dimensional pieces. The show is open to members and non-members. Contact Chella Gonsalves or Janet Hardie for information. Download the call to artists here: plein aire:tri-dimensionnel prospectus

June 5 – July 6

Summer Splash Member Show + Seeds of Identity

The Summer Splash member show will be receiving on Saturday, June 2. Prospectus available soon.

The Indians have many different squashes: some are used for their seeds, which are removed and used in stews, while others are eaten roasted or cooked; furthermore, the shells of some varieties are used as serving dishes.

Seeds of Identity: 31 Foods Mexico Gave the World. Experience the rich diversity of Mesoamerican culture through the exquisite photography of Ariadna Cuadriello and Juan Pablo Cardona. Rediscover the origins of familiar tableside favorites and explore the staple cuisine of Mexico in a stunning new light. At the crossroads of history and beauty, this show seeks to lay bare the vital fruits, flowers, and plant forms of the country that graciously shared them with the rest of the world.

July 10 – August 3

Celebration of Fiber Arts

August 14 – October 5

Autumn Art Festival III, Juried Member Show

October 9 – November 9

Healing Journey – Works by Memorial Medical Center’s Complementary Therapy class

November 13 – December 21

Home for the Holidays Member Show