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Visions Reimagined: from Little to Big, open June 1-25

Award Winners

Best of Show: Big Sur Morning, Rick Ingraham

1st Place: The Cliffs Beneath Albion, Howard Rees

2nd Place: Oregon Coast – Large, Vince Walsh

3rd Place: Model in the Park II, Michele Marez

Honorable Mentions: West Wind, Cheryl Bloomfield; Encina Poppies Evening, Barbara Gill; Carmel River Beach – Plein Air, Carolyn Rossman

Visions Reimagined Award of Merit: Acres and Acres of Blooming Almonds, Rhett Owings

Facts about the Visions Reimagined: from Little to BIG Show

The objective of this exhibit is to show how one small sketch or field painting, done in any medium out of doors, can be enlarged and enhanced back at the artist’s studio.  Artists may reinterpret, enlarge or transform the field piece into a completely different style. It’s fun and challenging for the artist. The new, reimagined painting often yields a complete surprise and presents an entirely new perspective! The imagination of several members of the Valley Sun Catchers helped to conceive and execute this show. Come in and enjoy the exhibit!

The show was open to entries from artists age 18 and older. This is a regional, competitive juried show with a judge of awards. Our juror/judge is well-known plein air artist, Leslie Hurst of Jamestown, CA. Leslie has works at Studio B. in Sonora and Pinecrest Gallery in Pinecrest, CA.

Valley Sun Catchers (VSC) is a group of artists, beginners to advanced, who love to paint out of doors. “En plein air” in French means “in open air.” VSC began in September, 2000 as a result of a discussion at a meeting of the Central California Art League (now CCAA). A VSC coordinating committee selects painting locations throughout and beyond Stanislaus County. We vary the days of the week as well as times of day to accommodate many schedules. We are always looking for new painting venues, so if you have a good painting spot, be sure to let us know about it!

We welcome everyone on our scheduled days who are interested in painting or drawing. Painting events are very casual and good natured. No attendance records are kept. There is no judging or commentary from other artists unless requested. We often celebrate after the painting event with a casual gathering at a local café. Members pay a minimal yearly membership fee of $10 that helps support various activities such as guest speakers and exhibits.

We are honored that the Central California Art Association / Mistlin Gallery offered this community space to showcase the talents of our local and surrounding area visual artists.

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President’s Message – April

The Light at the end of the tunnel

It’s been a rough year, but the end appears to be in sight. The distribution of vaccines to counter COVID-19 is under way and we’re hopeful that a dent will be made in the pandemic so that we can get on the road back to normal. In light of this good news, we’ve decided to fully open the gallery beginning in June – specific date to coincide with the opening of the show scheduled for that month, and the availability of docents. Following on this same positive path and based on the fact that all members have been vaccinated, the board has decided to meet face-to-face at our next meeting for the first time in almost a year. We’ve also begun to optimistically solidify the exhibition schedule for the remainder of the year without the fear of another closure. It may be a while before we can again embrace group activities such as the 3rd Thursday Art Walk, artists receptions, and cabaret performances, but our first small steps are headed in the right direction. I’m looking forward to again being able to freely come and go at the gallery, see the art on the walls and chat with the artists – hope to see you there.

In other news from the board, several members have raised the issue of the need for continued funding when the contract between Tony Mistlin and the gallery relative to the rent of our space, ends in 2023. Although there is no immediate cause for concern, it was decided to formally begin a search for funds that will support the gallery beyond the end of the contract. This will be an ongoing process and any ideas and suggestions you have in this regard will be appreciated.

David Schroeder, President, CCAA Board

Volunteers Wanted to Address Diversity, Fundraising, committees

CCAA recognizes the need to show the community our support for, and actions toward being more inclusive and equitable in our membership, as well as our programming and organizational leadership. To address these questions, we invite members and non-members to join us in a conversation about ways CCAA can be more aware and inclusive in our diverse community.

Additionally, as noted above, fundraising for ongoing support will be a priority for the next couple of years. If you are interested in helping with activities such as potential and ongoing donor contact, donor appreciation, event planning, and other activities related to fundraising, please let us know.

Committee work in a number of areas would also welcome new participants, particularly the education committee which organizes workshops and classes in the gallery’s education center. Exhibition committee also welcomes new voices and ideas about the shows we present.

If you’d be interested in participating in any of these capacities, please call Linda Knoll at 209-529-3369, or email

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